Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our photo tree

Every time we walk this trail we stop, put the kids up in the tree, and snap lots of photos.

Decked out in his Beaver gear.

Eliana thought it was quite fun to sit up there with brother and sister.

Three tree monkeys!

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Holding our new friend the salamander

Catching our breaths on the bench.

Papa spotted a salamander on the trail.

Colin took a turn holding it.

Janessa was not to be out done.
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Adventure time

We took some much needed family time and went for a hike at the Finley wildlife refuge.

I just bought myself this double jogging stroller and already can't believe

I survived so long without one. We can go so many more places with ease.

Eliana relaxing at the oak lookout.

Checking out the view.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Colin, Eliana, & Janessa

Ready to eat some turkey. Where is the rest of the family?

No need to wait, we can eat the ham instead!

Despite many new changes in our lives we have so much to be thankful for!

These three monkeys top the list. Along with the rest of our family.

Here we are!
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Sissy love

Eliana modeling her new jumper.

Janessa loving her sissy.

Looking at the ceiling. Monkey see, monkey do!

Walking along furniture still. One of these days she'll just take off.
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Grandma Vicki endures Janessa's play jewelry

Look at all those pretties!

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Two teeth

Elie finally has a another tooth to chomp with.
Watch out!!
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Pipe cleaner glasses

Sometimes our silliness amazes even me!
Don't we look sexy!!
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Bathing beauties

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Eliana as a Unicorn for Halloween

Getting a good picture of Elie in her costume was
almost as difficult as spotting a unicorn in real life.
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Downtown trick-or-treating

All decked out and ready to get some candy.
The weather was amazingly warm and dry.
We lasted for about 2 hours and scored lots of loot.
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Janessa as Ariel for Halloween

Big surprise (not).... Janessa chose to be Ariel.

Sitting as a pretty pretty princess!
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Colin as Jango Fett for Halloween

Colin chose to this costume based on the cool laser gun.
I highly doubt he really knows who this character is!

This is a stick-up. Give me your candy!
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